Saturday, November 3, 2012

36 weeks and counting!

Woohoo! This baby is still moving like crazy which makes me think it isn't too big yet!! 
I keep thinking it's going to be a 10 pounder. Yowza! That would be interesting. 
Praying for a little smaller than that! 
One of his/her feet is constantly kicking my side and I smile every time. It makes me so happy to feel that little foot. I picked up the pace a little the other day to get something quick and the baby said NO WAY! Gave me a jab in the pelvis. I got the hint. No more moving fast. Or attempting to move fast, because let's face it, I am not able to move fast right now even if I wanted to. 
We went to a hot springs last night and I thought, hmmmm, this would be nice to give birth in. 
I hope we can go back soon. ;)   
Still no definite names yet. I guess God will guide us to that right one when the time comes. 
I like to think that a name is very important and should be chosen wisely and thoughtfully. 

November is here and I am ready to be in the house working on crafts with the kids and some more sewing and reading for myself. Cozy clothes. Warm fires. Hot tea. Hot coffee. Hot chocolate. Hot cider. Less sweets and more soups, veggies and bread. 
Sadly the kids chose a bunch of suckers on Halloween, so I've got to go get some chocolate. 

Counting down the days and weeks and looking forward to what's ahead. I'm SO looking forward to a visit from my Mom too. I sure hope she is here for the birth. She has her dates set. God knows. :) 

Cheers to November, baby showers, family and friends and for a little brother so ready to be a 
BIG brother!  

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