Saturday, November 17, 2012

38 weeks!

Well it would seem after 3 others baby's and births I would know what to expect. Ha! God really is a think outside the box kind of God! This week has been so good and so long and so filled with anticipation. Thought on Monday night I was going into labor. Guess I just overdid it. Last night some of my bag of waters was leaking. Again, I thought this could be it! Nope! Nothing! 
I think there is a lot happening in there and when I actually start having contractions this baby will come out quickly. But, then again, all could be different with this baby! I am feeling great and praying  I will not get exhausted mentally. It is hard to want to do anything but sit here and wait for baby to come. But life is happening and there are still 3 kids for me to love on and take care of and a husband too! I just would love for the world to slow down a bit, but I am not the center of this universe! Praise God! Another good thing, I was measuring a little small and my midwife said the baby didn't feel too big (on Tuesday night) and I felt like I grew on Thursday. I take comfort in knowing the baby is in God's hand and will be born precisely when He says it's time. 

August says to Micheal and I this morning, "Wouldn't it be weird if the baby came out with clothes on?!"  I love hearing his thoughts on life. 

Until next time....... 

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!! I cant wait to see pictures! Im so happy for you guys, so happy. God is good :)