Monday, August 20, 2012


For the last 3 summers we have gone berry picking at a farm close by. Tradition gives me great joy as I know it does for most people! 

Early this morning I wake and realize I haven't made my husband his coffee. I usually get it made up the night before. It's 4 AM. I want to justify my sleeping. I say to myself, "He can handle it." But deep down I know it blesses him. So I rise slowly, husband still lying there silently in the dark next to our youngest who crept in our bed sometime in the night. I turn the dimmest light on possible and do the mundane. And then I get a wiff..... raspberries on the counter!! 

While I love the smell of coffee, it was not what was overtaking the kitchen this morning. Or at least not until I got that coffee going!  It was sweet and overpowering. The verse came to mind of being a sweet smelling aroma to the world. To the Lord. To my husband. 
So often I get all bent out of shape when things get off a bit. I take things personally. I get flustered as to how to communicate. Love gets lost. I concentrate so hard on the circumstance and my feelings, that I forget how to act like Christ has shown me in the scriptures. I want so badly to be a sweet smelling aroma. A holy sacrifice. I want to communicate love to my husband. I've learned coffee and food are two good ways! 

There are the days when I am the most selfish creature on this planet. Me me me is all I can think about.
And I can tell you that it makes me miserable. God's kingdom and ways are very backward to how our society thinks. He says to serve others and we will be blessed.
 He tells us that it will be a rewarding life. We try to wrap our heads around that idea and come up short, until we decide to give it a try and realize that God is quite smart! I would have felt bad for not taking the time to make my husband coffee this morning. Not because he is demanding and expects it of me, but because I know he really feels loved when I do that for him and I want him to know I love him. Even in the wee hours of the morning when sleep beckons the puffy eyes. 

That blurry blue is the baby bump. :) Happiness. 

I get it in my head that service "stinks" most of the time. It's hard work. Putting others needs before my own desires. But then I smell that sweetness and it can be so inspiring and addicting that it spurs on the desire to do things God's way. I sure would rather smell like sweet raspberries while serving others than
the stank of selfishness. You can decide for yourself what that smell might be!!
The fact of the matter is we need each other. It builds us up. It encourages each of us to know we are a team working together in this life. We can inspire each other to do well. To think good thoughts. To give thanks in the hard. To listen when the other one is really going through something. To laugh when life is hilarious. It is the best to laugh with others! 

I'm glad I didn't get all those raspberries dealt with yesterday. Maybe effeciency isn't always the best... 

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