Saturday, February 23, 2013

90 days

We are getting into the fun age!! While I loved the cuddliness of a newborn and the smells too, I really love the smiles he gives when he is nursing. The coos of laughter when he is tickled. The longer than 2 hours at a time sleeping. Still not sleeping through the night but all in good time right?! 

He is grabbing anything he can right now. Including Grace and I's hair! I am contemplating cutting mine all off and trying to convince Grace to get bangs again. What a stubborn and strong-willed girl I have! Apparently I was the same, well I mean, am the same! 

Liam has fallen asleep in Grace's arms more times than I can count! 
In the middle of cooking dinner or when Mom has to pee, I can count on her to grab him and within a short couple of minutes he is fast asleep. Then the task of trying to get him to stay asleep while she maneuvers herself out! The funny things we do with babies! 

His hands are in his mouth constantly as of the last few days and I wonder if he is teething already. He refuses a pacifier and one night had me cracking up as I tried to give it to him over and over and he just smiled nicely and spit it out! 
Zade wouldn't take a paci either. Genetics can be so interesting, can't they? 
He looks like Zade and his birth had similarities too. His sleeping habits are like Zade also. 

This week was the first week I looked at Liam and thought he might just be our baby. I feel so content with where we are at as a family. Not saying we are going to do anything permanent, but we are full and blessed. 

Seems like we have had him far longer than 3 short months! So much happens in just one day. 

It's snowy, windy and COLD here today so we are enjoying hot coffee and a roaring fire! I'm hoping to catch up on some reading.

Have a blessed weekend wherever you are!

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