Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cultivating beauty: seasonal bounty edition

When God created, He made all things gorgeous and perfect. When sin entered the timeline, death and ugliness came along.

 We know all that, but sometimes we forget. Sometimes we are so surrounded by the current news headlines that the ugliness and brokenness overwhelms and brings us down. 

But then there are the beautiful moments. 

On a walk last night we noticed a neighbor's overflowing apricot tree. He said to pick to our heart's content and so this morning the girls were up early and we rode over in the early windy cloudiness and got us a basket full. 

Fact: it does not take a whole day or a perfectly planned out event to cultivate beauty in our lives. 

In our case, it was a mere 30 minutes of riding bikes, looking at the scenery of a small neighborhood, laughter from squishy apricots in our toes, challenging tree climbing, tasting the sweetness of orange fleshed fruit,  and catching a few perfectly tree-ripened apricots tossed down from mama to child.  It was a few moments of enjoying God's creation and it does a soul some good! 

When we got home the kids went off to continue on with the story they have been playing out since last night, and I went about taking some pictures of our free fruit; for beauty's sake.

God saw the importance in making things beautiful. I am woman created in His image, so therefore I too am a creator -not THE Creator- but an imitator of what He is, a maker of beauty. 

It doesn't take long, but it speaks volumes to our children and the people in our lives, when we cultivate beauty. 

What are you doing to create a space of beauty? Are you taking the time to notice all the small things in life that we usually take for granted? 

Our daily lives are the sphere for glorifying Christ in all that we do and say. It's a challenge to find the beauty in the mundane daily life sometimes, but a worthy challenge to embark on in my opinion! 

In every season there is something beautiful and pleasant to be found; a gift from the Father of lights. 

Go about finding those gifts and living in thankfulness for them. 

Change the world, one beautiful thing at time. 

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