Saturday, July 12, 2014

Plot twist!

Four years ago Micheal sent a messenger hawk up to his Uncle's house carrying his resume, asking for a job. 

All these years, it has been circling up in the sky above their house and just a few weeks ago, it landed. 

Just about that time I was praying and telling God that things seem to be going quite well and that there really wasn't anything as of late that had tested my faith. You know, just having an honest conversation with my Maker. 

Hehe. I think God says, "Hehe." Yep, pretty sure He does. 

So here we are living in the desert, totally content - but let's continue with the honesty- always open for adventure, so long as God leads the journey and BAM! God opens up a new avenue. 

We started praying. Then the excitement mixed with doubt came. Then things started working out, one by one, and here we are; planning on moving to Garden Valley in September.  

Micheal will be going through a 4 year apprentice program to become an electrician while working with his Uncle. We are selling the bread business, selling our vehicles and the trailer, renting our house and renting/buying a teeny, tiny cabin in the woods. 970 square feet tiny. :) 

That's the short of it and we sure would appreciate your prayers for this upcoming change of pace for Team Thompson. 

Our new view. So long, desert! 

The long of it, if you choose to continue reading, is this:

Over a year ago we went to a couple's retreat and it was a really nice time together. What we came away with from our weekend getaway was that we just needed more time together. You see, Micheal goes to bed early and I stay up late. Our schedules are opposite and we don't have time for just the two of us. As a family it's wonderful but date night, even a stay at home date night, is basically never happening. That is just not okay. 

Add to that the amount of hours Micheal works and it just doesn't add up to a good quality of life for him. Now I know a lot of people work a lot of hours, but that is not our goal in life. We like to keep things simple and we value family over things. 

So obviously Micheal will be very busy with work and school a couple nights a week, but we should still have more time together and in the long run we feel like this is a great opportunity for our family. 

Bonuses are that we will be WAY closer to family, we get to live in a place that is GREEN, and we get the challenge and honor of trusting Christ with all things. Not that we technically haven't been doing that, but we were pretty comfortable if you know what I mean. This will be a lovely (and trying time) of growth, obedience and surrender to our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

Down side is we love our church and the friends we have made and Micheal's Dad and Grandma live here so we will be missing all the wonderful people that make our life so grand here in southern Idaho. 

Specific prayer requests:

* To find a good, long term renter for our house.  
* To be able to buy the cabin in Garden Valley in a few months. 
* That Micheal would do well with school and the new line of work. 
* That the truck, van, trailer and random house things would sell. 
* That the business would sell and not take longer than a couple of months. 

God has us all in His hands and we are placing all our trust in Him. If all this doesn't work out, we take that as a hint that Christ has other plans for us and we are good with that.  
If He does work this all out, then we look forward to the years ahead in a mountainous country with long winters and slow summers. 

Commit your works to the LORD, 
    and your thoughts will be established. Proverbs 16:3

Commit your way to the LORD, 
   Trust also in Him,
     And He shall bring it to pass. Psalm 37:5

And so we commit. 

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