Monday, June 3, 2013

Moglie plays T ball

I've got a 4 year old that carried his T ball sign up paper all around the house and made sure that anyone who came over knew he was playing. He had his first practice and game the other night and oh my goodness, I was a beaming parent! The whole team is just so cute and their coach in AMAZING! She carried her baby on her back and had other kids on other teams and just did a tremendous job as a coach. Great communication and excitement with the kids and parents as well. I think August is going to have a fun season! Grace and Zade were not as blessed in the coach department when they played T ball, but as they watch their little brother play, they were asking to sign up! Too late. :( 

His coach walked them through all the bases and then assigned them each a spot. She would make a circle and they stood in it so they knew where to be. Well, naturally the circles would get run through or ruined so every time August made his way out there he would make another circle and sit down in it! 

If I had one word to describe this little son of mine it would be enthusiastic! 

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