Monday, August 13, 2012


I adore being pregnant. One of the best things on this planet to enjoy and experience in my opinion. 
While I have experienced some heartache due to pregnancy and babies, I praise God for this new baby 
and am SO STOKED to meet him or her in a few more months! All is going well and I cannot give enough thanks to God who holds all things together for that. I am starting to imagine the birth. Praying my husband and midwife will be there the entire time. I would love to have that support and not be alone like I was for a lot of my last birth. I take comfort in the fact that God already sees and knows how it all will work out. I take comfort in knowing HE is with me at all times, I just need to acknowledge His presence and there will be peace. 

I watched a video of a woman giving birth and she didn't know what she was having. It was so, so precious. I am looking forward to that. I really wanted to know what we were having at one point, but am really happy with our decision now. Our 8 year old daughter wants to be at the birth and I think it is going to be so sweet. I want to try to orchestrate it where she can be the one to tell what the baby's sex is. Needless to say, with her having two brothers already, she prays for a baby sister. We have talked about the fact that it very well may be a boy. She is OK with that. She is just darn excited to have a baby in the house! 

Having the baby right after Thanksgiving (or so) is going to be perfect! I guess if I had a baby anytime it would be perfect, ha! But the timing of the holidays, and hunkering down for winter and having an early Christmas present when we lost our baby on Christmas two years ago, well, perfect. :) 
I plan on doing nothing but snuggling that little child for at least a month! Well, that and maybe cooking and cleaning and schooling my others. But I don't plan on going anywhere!

There have been thoughts of loss in this pregnancy. No more are the days of eating cereal, p.b toast and 
forgetting to take my prenatal vitamins. 
Now it is no lifting, lots of rest, all sorts of vitamins, greens, greens, greens and the most prayer I have prayed in my whole life, which has led me to the most thankful heart I have had in my whole life. 
God has been my constant through these last 6 months and more and I hope to keep Him in the center
for the rest of my life. Showing my kids that we can get through anything, good or bad, 
with the help of a Father in heaven who loves you. 

Isaiah 26:3 
You will keep her in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, 
because she trusts in You. 

Scripture. Goodness, the words that keep me grounded and joyful and full of hope. The words that sometimes are hard to read because I realize my life is not lining up with them. But the grace that comes
from reading those important words, asking God to line me up again and moving on with my day to
live it all out. In the case of the scripture above, peace. All will be well with those who follow the Lord.


  1. Love you guys, and no the whole family has not seen the baby move!!!! I am coming after she is born!!!! Christmas break, I dont know how, but I am praying for God to provide a way!!

  2. I just love you! I am so happy God has blessed you and your family with another baby, I'm rooting for another girl haha!!!

  3. So beautiful! So happy for you and your family.

  4. So sorry to hear about your loss 2 years ago. I couldn't even imagine the pain you guys went through. So happy though that you have been given another chance to expand your beautiful family. Hope everything goes smoothly for you during the next few months. You look great.