Wednesday, March 12, 2014


10 weeks in! It's still winter but spring is on its way!! 

We have been sick this week but have enjoyed a laid back time at home. I introduced the kids, er I mean Captain America, to Reading Rainbow! 

Liam loves hats. And taking all the books off the shelf. It's hard to be upset about it though because he is just so darn cute as he imitates what we all do by flipping through the pages! He also is obsessed with shoes. Mainly grabbing our shoes and handing them to us. He knows whose is whose and will give them to us at the most random times. Like when Zade was in the bath! 

The kids made a lego village and had a volcano explode all over it. Then August played with the sopping wet play doh. He is so into the hands on. I forget he needs to get his hands dirty and touch everything. I am hoping to do more fun things with him. We will be starting our seeds this week and I know he will love it. 

Cheers to week 10 and looking forward to another one! 

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