Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 goals

This is me. 
These are some goals for me this year.
Kind of intimidating sharing these goals but alas here they are. 
When you sit down to make a list like this, some things come to you 
quite easily and others are brought to your attention throughout the 
day as you see you need to work on that. 

Some of these things might seem totally ridiculous but this is where I am at. 
I just had a baby and would love to lose all the weight. 
We just paid off our bills so we are able to save money now. 
I used to think I had a good vocabulary but I haven't learned new words for awhile, so it is interesting to me to look up words that I come across to learn their actual meaning and not just skim over them. 
I have had an anger problem in the past but am learning to have grace
just as Jesus gives me beautiful and patient grace all the time. 

The list is so much longer than this. We all have so much to learn and grow in. I love to see the growth in life as we live day by day and year by year. 

The sugar thing is going well, which will help with losing baby weight. ;) 
 The marriage goal is going well also. I sure love the man in my life! His Valentine's card was hilarious!! 
Turns out life is so busy for a mom of four that the internet has taken a back seat lately. Thank you God for working that one out for me! 

I haven't taken the time to learn new lighting or posing tricks yet. 
I also have not been reading the Bible as often as I would like. 
Maybe that's why this picture is going to be printed out and put up on my fridge so I can see it every day and GO FOR IT!

Feels like Spring today and that is so darn encouraging! I vacuumed out my car  and man does it feel good to get some fresh air and not be freezing at the same time! 

It's a good day, yes it is!! 

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