Friday, October 12, 2012

Game on

The kids just had their last soccer game. It was Z's first year and he did the best on his last game. 
I like to see them really get into it and get aggressive. Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Tina came to every game. Mainly it is a kick fest with  kids running in all directions! I love it and I think the kids had a good time too! It was a little surprising how winded they got seeing as they are constantly running around and riding their bikes. Sports can teach you so much about perseverance and hard work, teamwork and having a good attitude. I think they learned a little of all of those things this season and mostly had fun. :) It was so nice that they got to play on the same team. Z was supposed to be on the younger team but I requested they be on the same team and it worked out. It was a challenge for him, but he rose to the occasion. Or he just did circles in the goal area. Whatever! 

I love my husband! He makes me smile. :) 

August ran around and tried to get on the field to join the team. I can't wait to see him play sports! This summer he was able to do swim lessons and he put in 100% every time! He will be the hulk out on the field! 

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