Sunday, July 20, 2014

You will be jolly

Micheal comes home happy pretty much always (one of the many reasons I love the man!), but tonight I could tell a load had been lifted. 

He was at the bread depot after a long days work and one of the guys he works with told him to not even bother putting his truck up for sale, he would buy it.    !!!!!!!  

This has been one of the harder things we have been trying to figure out. He needs the truck until his last day of delivering, but we can't afford it after we sell the business, nor do we want a vehicle payment in general, but there won't be any more than a week to try and sell it before we move. What to do? What to do? 

He came home and told us all the news and we couldn't help but send praises up to God and thank Him for this small (but really big!) miracle! With the kids looking at us with huge smiles, we shared with them the joy of praising God when He does the unexpected, the amazing, the miraculous. 

"Every day you will see things and you have the choice to give praise to whom it is due, or not be moved and think it no big matter. But the more you see and realize that God is moving and working things out all the time and always making the sun rise and set, always giving us air to breathe, always making beautiful things, you will be jolly!" 

We both feel completely over our heads with this life. We don't have all the answers. We don't have all the money. We don't have all the connections. 

But we have life, because of Christ. We have the answers we need when we need them because of our God. We have all the money we need when we need it and not a moment before then, because of the provision of our Lord. We have all the connections we need, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. 

So we rest and know that all things will work out, in His timing and in His way. 

And we rejoice when God moves in our lives! 

How fun is it to live this life with Jesus?!! 

It's the best kind of fun I know!

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