Monday, May 12, 2014

Mama roar!

I have dinner in the oven and the husband is almost home so I have literally 2.4 minutes to write this......

Today we were at the park and some older(ish) kids were making fun of August. He has had to stand up for himself a lot more now that his hair is longer and I am fine with that, but today I stood up for him. It wasn't ugly but I basically just called the kid out and said that she wasn't being nice and she knew it. I probably could have used the moment to teach her a better lesson of "let's be nice" but I didn't. I will next time. I hope.

Mama instinct came in full force and I did what I had to to stand up for my son. 

I dream of a world where we are all loved so deeply and fully that we are secure in who we are and how we fit into this big ol' world. I dream that children would not even think to put others down for being different than them, but would have the conversation skills and love in their hearts to maybe start a conversation about why the person does what he or she does. 

May we as adults lead them in this! Please! May we lay down our pride and insecurities and engage with others with love and respect. 

Lord, start with me. 

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