Tuesday, June 25, 2013

7 months!!

I love this age!! 
 Liam is crawling now. He followed his Daddy across the living room one morning trying to get his coffee cup and the rest is history! He gets to where he wants now and loves to pull himself onto stools and our bed, which is still on the floor so it's low. I sold the old rocking chair I was using for his monthly photos so we are changing it up. It's so hard to get him to stay put! 

(That smile!!!)

He also has 2 teeth as of this month! Thankful he is not biting me. 
When he is sad or tired he says, "mamamamamama." I know that he really isn't saying Mama but it sure makes this Mama feel good! 

We moved a week and a half ago. We are loving our new home. Lots left to unpack and lots more to get rid of. I feel so overwhelmingly blessed with our new home. I just can't believe we have such a gorgeous place! I have lots of hopes and dreams for the decoration parts and gardening outdoor areas but for now we are keeping things simple. :)

Micheal also started the bread business this week. SO MUCH CHANGE!! 
He is putting in so many hours trying to learn his new business. I am not used to him being gone so often and he is having a rough time with some details but all in all we are trying to have good attitudes with all this craziness and hoping and praying we can get the business figured out so we can get back to family time. All in good time. 

The big kids have been enjoying having cousins in town and going to the library for the summer reading program. We find ourselves heading into Twin a lot lately to keep busy while Micheal works long hours and just to take advantage of the closeness of it all! Going to Costco 4 times in 10 days isn't a great thing though. Woops! I love that place and I just can't stay away! 

Liam is eating some avocado and carrots. He seems to be liking them more and more. He has tried banana and watermelon too. He still sleeps with us and nurses through the night. I remember when Grace was a baby a friend told me her little guy was pretty much attached to her all night long and I couldn't understand or give her any encouragement or advice because Grace was sleeping through the night at like 3 weeks! God has given me that child now! There are mornings when I am exhausted and think about trying to put him in his crib but then I don't end up doing it and can honestly say I don't care to! He is already 7 months and the next 5 months are sure to go by fast also. In the grand scope of life, these months are so short. I will enjoy it while it lasts and hope he sleeps great when he is older and doesn't need or want me so much. 

And that's a wee bit of the month we have had. 

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