Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apricot tree

It's the 4th day of September and I have taken 19 pictures. 
That's a bit below average! 
I have been so busy and have gotten consumed with the to-do's. 
Last night my daughter called Daddy and I out to see her creation. 
I glanced out  the window real quick, saw the gorgeous light, grabbed my camera and 
ran outside to see what she wanted to show us. 

I love the "work" of kids!! She dedicated quite a bit of time to make this. 
The first thing she did this morning was run outside and see if it was still there. 
Yep! No wind last night. 

Our big apricot tree yielded us no fruit this summer, but the kids
have played under that tree for 2 1/2 years now. Memories have been made and I hope kept forever
in their hearts and minds. Childhood is sweet and I really try to let them live it to the fullest. 
They have asked what the bad words are. I told them I will not tell them because then those words will 
be in their minds and they will be tempted to use them. They hear the words sometimes from
neighbor kids but I really believe God has closed their ears to understanding that those are the bad words. It makes me happy. 

It's been a little cold the last few mornings. The perfect cold though. Not the freezing kind. 
Not yet. We will enjoy the last days of summer. Riding bikes, taking walks, playing, 
maybe even a picnic and reading on the front porch. 
And of course, the kids will be swinging.

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